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ANTIbac Stamps (1-1/16" x 2-9/16"):
ANTIbac Stamps (1-1/16" x 2-9/16")
Item #: 42846NT
In our daily life, we are surrounded by many unseen bacteria. These unseen bacteria could survive up to 3 days under ideal growth conditions. ANTIbac stamps have been treated with a fungistatic agent which kills up to 99.99% of the bacteria that come into contact with the stamp. This agent also retards the growth and action of bacteria and bacterial odors. This helps to prevent the spread of germs, provides a safe and healthy workplace and reduces absenteeism due to illness.
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Product Details
  • Treated with a fungistatic agent which kills up to 99.99% of bacteria
  • Solid handle with clear bottom for precise impressions
  • Up to 6 lines of custom text
  • Impression Area: 1-1/16" x 2-9/16"
  • Available ink colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple or Brown
  • Compatible with Marking Ink Refill Item #42201

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