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Clear Coin Bag:
Clear Coin Bag
Item #: COIN
Our coin bags are made of heavy gauge 7 mil film and safely hold 50 lbs. of loose coin, meeting Federal Reserve requirements. Top loading design with dual folding maximum strength closure ensures against bursting.

Product Details
  • Deposit Bag Size: 12" x 22""
  • Single Pouch Coin: Handle
  • Numbering: : 6 Digit Serial w/Bar Coding
  • Bag & Receipt
  • Capacity: 50lbs Loose Coin: Meets new Fed Res Specifications
  • Adhesive: 7 +/- .5 Gauge
  • Clear Dual High Strength
  • Construction: Multi-Layer Co-Extruded Outer Shell, LDPE
  • Shell Thickness: 0.0065 Gauge
  • Seal Construction: Max. Security Combo
  • Pouch & Side Seam Seals
  • Tamper Indicators: Security Seal Printing
  • Printed Warning Bands
  • High Strength Poly Bag Welds
  • Dual Folding Sealing Adhesive
  • Coin Auto Loader Compatible: Yes

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Clear Coin Bag
Item# COIN


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